Islam's Prophecies for the Future, and Signs of the Day of Judgment- Made Easy:
Prophecies found in the Quran and the Prophetic tradition often have one of two issues: 1- Prophecies attributed to Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, are often transmitted with a weak chain of transmission, and 2- Accounts that have a reliable chain of transmission are sometimes unclear or vague. This article will summarize in plain English only those accounts that are generally considered reliable, and which are fairly clear and precise in their meaning.

Where are we now?
Putting aside prophecies that came true in the distant past, the following Prophetic prophecies are generally accepted as having been recently fulfilled, or are being fulfilled today:
1- Other nations will tear up and consume the resources of the Muslims like a group of people calling each other to a meal. This will happen, even though the Muslims will be great in numbers, but they will be very weak. This prophesy came true in the early twentieth century when European countries carved up the Middle East and North Africa to form countries they could control and exploit for resources.
2- That the Muslim world would break up into many sects and groups, and among them would be groups that sound good but behave poorly.
3- Interest would become so common place that it would affect everyone.
4- Indiscriminate killing would increase.
5- Drinking Alcohol becomes common.
6- That promiscuity becomes common, and women would publicly dress in revealing clothing.
7- That Muslims would compete in building and decorating mosques.
8- That obesity would become prevalent.
9- People don’t care if they make their money from permissible or impermissible sources, business and markets get closer together, and trade becomes so common that husbands and wives go into business together.
10- Time feels like it is running faster. A year would be like a month, and a month will pass like a week, and a day would pass like an hour.
11- The Arabs would compete in building tall buildings. Currently, the tallest building in the world is Burj Khalifain in UAE.
12- That it would become common for people to cut family relationships, the number of police and law enforcement would increases to keep people in line, and the recitation of the Quran would be used like music to entertain people.

Prophecies between now and the appearance of the Anti-Christ:
It is reported that Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, predicted that, after his passing, the Muslims would be ruled by a just Caliphate following his example for thirty years. Then the rule would become dynastic. This prophecy came to pass when the Ummayid Dynasty was established thirty years after his passing.  He further stated that dynastic rule would be harsh and difficult, and in time it would be replaced with tyrannical dictatorship. After this phase passes the rule of the Muslim nation would revert back to the just Caliphate following the prophetic tradition. Many consider the “Arab spring” and the current war in Syria to be part of the process of riding tyrannical dictatorships from the Muslim World as this prophecy is fulfilled.
In another narration, he said that there would be 12 strong Caliphs who would unite and rule the Muslims, and all of them will be descendants from the tribe of Quraish. Historically, five Caliphs ruled the Muslims in the first thirty year phase of just leaders. This means that there are as many as seven strong Caliphs that unite the Muslims who have yet to come.  Among them will be the man called the “Mahdi”. A righteous ruler who will fill the land with justice after it was filled with corruption. His name will be Muhammad, or Ahmad, and his father’s name will be Abdullah, and he will be a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad. He will rule for 5, 7, or 9 years. It is in the time of the Mahdi that the Dajal, or “Anti-Christ”, will appear. Currently, the Anti-Christ is chained, but he sends out a creature covered in hair and fur to secretly spy for him until the day when he is let lose onto the world. Between now, and the appearance of the Anti-Christ, the following prophecies are relevant:

1- There will be many false prophets in the time leading up to the Anti-Christ. In addition, the years before his appearance are tricky. The honest person will be called a liar and distrusted, and the dishonest person will be believed and entrusted. Ignorant small minded people will speak and be listened to about matters pertaining to the general public.
2- The Sea of Galilee will dry up and the date trees in the area of Beit She’an in modern Israel will not produce fruit. Recently, the Sea of Galilee has been under significant pressure from water use and drought, and global warming is expected to decrease rainfall in the region further harming agriculture.
3- Rain will stop and plants will die. In the third year prior to the Anti-Christ, a third of the rain will not fall. Then the next year two third will not fall. Then in year the Anti-Christ appears no rain will fall. Like the previous prediction, these predictions appear to be coming to pass now as climate change alters rainfall patterns in the Middle East.  
4- The people of Iraq, and the people of Syria, and the people of Egypt will suffer from economic sanctions imposed by the Europeans*. Then the time of the Mahdi will come. He will establish a justice, strong Caliphate, and money will be plentiful.
5- Prior to the appearance of the Mahdi, an army carrying black flags from the land of Khurasan will appear and lay the foundations for his rule. The land of Khurasan generally refers to the land made up of the North Eastern Iran, Western Afghanistan, and Turkmenistan.  There are many narrations that predict the coming of the army with “black flags.” These narrations often have different details in them, and they all suffer from weakness in the chain of narration. It can be argued that collectively they represent evidence of the validity of the general idea, and it can also be argued that the entire issue of the “black flags” is unreliable.  
6- Four events will happen before the battle of the end time, “Armageddon”, and the appearance of the Anti-Christ: 1-Muslims will conquer the land of Al-Aqsa Mosque, present day Israel. 2- A severe plague will kill people in mass. The plague will be like a disease which causes nasal discharge in sheep before they suffer a quick death. 3- Money will be plentiful, at the time of the Mahdi, and 4- A severe trial that will enter the house of every Muslim. Jerusalem was captured by the Muslims in the year 637, and a second time in the year 1187. About two years after Jerusalem was captured the first time, a major plague hit the region that killed many famous companions.  In the year 1348-1351, or about 161 years after Jerusalem was captured the second time, the Black Death swept through the Middle East killing many people. This prophecy suggests that after Muslims retake Jerusalem for the final time, a major pandemic with flu like symptoms will cause massive death in the world. Less people will ultimately usher in a period of economic prosperity.
7- After the severe plague will be years of earthquakes and catastrophes. In another narration, if you see the Caliphate headquartered in the sacred land, present day Israel, then the time for earthquakes and catastrophes is near.
8- Three trials will hit the Muslim world before the Anti-Christ: 1- The trial of retreat and war.  2- The trial of false happiness. It will come from a man, a descendant of Prophet Muhammad, but he will not be a good person. Then people will resolve their differences with a weak and unstable leader. 3- Then there will be a catastrophe which will hit every person in the Muslim World. When people start thinking it is over, it will hit them again. At the end, they will be divided into two groups. In one, pure belief and in the other pure hypocrisy. When this happens, look for the Anti-Christ to appear at any minute. Other narrations appear to add more detail to either the first or last trial: It will be dark days. People will not be able to trust those who they are sitting with. A person will wake up a believer and go to bed at the end of the day a disbeliever, and a person would go to sleep a believer and wake up a disbeliever. People will sell out their faith cheaply. In those days, a holding onto your belief will be like holding onto a hot coal. 
9- There will be battles with the Europeans* in which many of them will be taken prisoner. Many prisoners will convert to Islam and join the Muslim army. Then during the time of the Mahdi, there will be a peace treaty between the Muslims and the Europeans. Then they will send an army under 80 flags, under every flag will be 12,000. They will be near the city of Aleppo in Syria while the Muslim army will come from Madina and establish their base near Damascus. Such a huge number of people will die in the battle of “Armageddon” that a bird trying to fly around the battlefield will drop dead. In the end, the Muslims will be victorious. Then they will move on to capture modern day Istanbul without bloodshed. This suggests that the people of the city will remain Muslim, as they are today, but will be under a government that will be allied with the Europeans. Then a rumor will spread that the Anti-Christ has appeared and the army will fall back to the area of Damascus. Horses will be used for this fall back which suggests that by this time gas for vehicles will be scarce. Then as they are readying for battle, and they line up for prayer, Jesus will return to earth.
10- Between the battle of Armageddon and the appearance of the Anti-Christ is seven months.
11- It is perhaps in the fighting that leads up to, and includes the battle of Armageddon that the prophetic prophesy will come true predicting a time when there would be one man for every fifty women.
12- The development of the area of modern day Israel (this could refer to the time when the Caliphate is headquartered there) means the city of Medina is about to fall apart. The falling apart of Medina means the great battle of Armageddon is about to happen. The battle of Armageddon means the city of modern day Istanbul is about to fall to Muslim rule. When it falls, that means the Anti-Christ is about to appear.
13- Muslims will invade and defeat the Europeans*, and then they will fight and defeat the Anti-Christ.
14- The city of modern day Istanbul will fall before the city of Rome.
15- The Anti-Christ will make his appearance with an army from Khurasan. As stated, the land of Khurasan generally refers to the land made up of the North Eastern Iran, Western Afghanistan, and Turkmenistan.  

Prophecies between the appearance of the Anti-Christ and the end of time:
1- Jesus is described as being of balanced build, not tall or short, being white with reddish complexion, having a wide chest, and long wet looking hair that comes down to his shoulders. The Anti-Christ is described as a large man with reddish skin and short cut hair. The Anti-Christ will be blind in one eye and the other eye will be weak. He has the initials K.F.R. written on him. He will be extremely powerful. The good he brings is actually evil, and the harm he appears to bring is actually good. At first he will appear as a good leader, then he will gain strength as he calls people to the truth. Then he will go to Kufa, in present day Iraq. In time he will claim that he is a messenger from God. After a time he will claim that he is God. He will appear to have the power to control the weather, and he will be able to kill and bringing people back to life. When he does this, many people will think he is God and follow him. He will come out with his army which will include “seventy thousand Jews” from Isfahan, in modern day Iran. The believers will escape from him into the mountains, and they will suffer from no food or water. He will enter every city except Makkah and Medina. However, he will come to the outskirts of Medina. Then it will shake three times and all the hypocrites will go out to join him. 
2- During the time of the Anti-Christ, the Arabs will be few in number. This will probably be due to the plague and wars that happen prior to his appearance.
3- The Anti-Christ’s time will last for forty days. One day like a year, one day like a month, one day like a week, and the rest of the days are normal. Prophet Jesus will return at the white minaret in Damascus carried by the wings of two Angles. Then Jesus will kill the Anti-Christ a place called Bab-Lud in present day Israel. The followers of the Anti-Christ will also be defeated and killed.
4- Prophet Jesus will lead the Muslim nation in “breaking the Cross”, and “killing the pig”, and all other nations on earth will fall to his rule
5- Gogg and Magog will be released. There army will come swarming down from every rugged elevated terrain to kill and destroy what they find. People will setup defenses in cities. Jesus will lead his followers to take up a defensive position in the mountains.  When they think they have killed those on earth, Gogg and Magog will try to kill those in the air. Then Jesus and his followers will pray and God will send a disease which kills Gogg and Magog. The disease will be like locust eggs on their necks. Then a heavy rain will fall that will clean the earth, and the earth will produce again.  Gogg and Magog are described as having round faces, small eyes, and black hair with reddish yellow highlights. It is not clear who Gogg and Magog are. Many scholars consider the Mongol invasion of the Muslim world a prelude of what will come in the future from “Gogg and Magog”.
6- Then there will be a number of years, “seven”, in which there will be complete peace and prosperity. Then God will send a cool breeze from the area of Syria which will take the life of everyone on earth with a speck of belief in their heart.  Christians refer to this event as the “rapture.” Only the worst people will be left on earth after this.
7- A man will appear from the land in the area of modern day Ethiopia. He will tear down and pillage the Kabbah.
8- The Quran and Islam will be lost until there are groups of people with elderly among them who only carry a faint memory of the oneness of God. When the end comes, there will not be a single person left on earth calling Allah’s name.
9- Idol worship will return to the Arabs.
10- The sun will rise from the West, and everyone will believe but it will be too late for them. It is interesting to note that modern science has discovered that the magnetic North and South poles switch every so many thousand years, and will likely switch again at some point in the future. When that happens, the Sun would be rising from the West.
11- A fire will appear from the bottom of Aden, in modern day Yemen. It will drive people as they try to run away from it to the land of modern day Syria. Then the horn will be blown and everyone will be in complete terror. Mountains will be like dust and the earth will tremble. Then the horn will blow again, and everyone will die and everything will be gone. Then God will create a new permanent existence and bring everyone back to life for the Day of Judgment.

Predictions which are unclear as to when they fit in the timeline:

1- Lighting strikes will increase until it will become common for people to be killed by them.
2- The current global economic system based on interest will collapse.
3- The Euphrates River in Iraq will be diverted exposing a mountain of gold, and people will fight and kill each other over it. We are instructed not to take anything from it.
4- There will be a massive sinkhole in the East, and in the West, and in the Arabian Peninsula.
5- As time goes on, religious ignorance will increase, but God will bring out a scholar or group of scholars to revitalize religious knowledge every one hundred years.
6- The appearance of “Smoke”. This prophecy is not detailed, but it is interesting to note the level of air pollution that exists major cities of the Muslim world. It is also interesting to note that for the first time, human activity is throwing up so much air pollution that we are changing the climate of the entire planet.
7- The appearance of the “Animal”. Its appearance will differentiate believers from disbelievers. Its appearance will occur shortly before or after the sun rising from the West. This prophecy like the last are mysterious, but they will be obvious to those who see them happen.  
8- The Middle East will return to being filled with rivers and streams. It is reasonable to assume that this will happen after the destruction of Gogg and Magog.

What to do?
Because only the general order of events is predicted, it is impossible to know exactly when the next prophesy is going to come true. It may be in a year, and it may be in a thousand years. So in general, these prophecies are not meant to prepare people for future events. Rather, they are meant to strengthen the faith of those who are experiencing prophecies as they come true.  In addition, they are a reminder, or “sign”, that the Day of Judgment is approaching.

From an action perspective, the accounts offer the following advice:
1- When there are religious divisions and sects, stick with the majority of those who follow the Quran and the tradition of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. 
2- In the time of general confusion, when people are fighting and killing each other, do not get involved. Be the person who takes care of himself and his family.
3- Most importantly, the overall theme is that everything we build amounts to sandcastles on a beach. Every time people build bigger and think this time is different. In the end, the waves of time wash everything away. The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him said, “It is fixed with God, that everything that rises up in this life will be brought down.” Those who may find this reality depressing should contemplate the following profound command from Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, “If you are witnessing the end of the world, and you have a seedling in your hand, then plant it if you can.”

In the end, the truth and the future are in God’s hands.
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