29-The Spider:


In God’s Name, whose Mercy is Great and Continuous:

(29:1-2) Did you think I would let you say you are a believer without testing you?

(29:3)   Didn’t I test those before you? I will separate those who are lying from those who are truthful.

(29:4)   Do those who reject this message think they will escape? They are delusional.

(29:5)   Whoever is looking forward to our meeting, and whoever is afraid of the angel of death approaching, they should know the day is definitely coming. So be ready by remembering that I hear and see everything.

(29:6)   If you struggle and fight for the cause of truth, you do so for your benefit. I don’t need anyone’s help to make the truth dominate.

(29:7)   But those who believe and do good deeds will definitely have their bad deeds forgiven and they will get the best reward for their good deeds in heaven.

(29:8)   I command people to treat their parents kindly. But you cannot follow anyone in disobeying Me knowingly. Remember, all of you will return to Me to be informed of what you did, and I will reward or punish accordingly. So if your parents fight you regarding your religion, don’t obey them.

(29:9)   Remember, those who believe and do good deeds will be with the good people in Heaven.

(29:10) There are some who say they believe in Me then, when they face hardship for it, they cave in. They run from the hardship as if it is Hell coming for them, and when my support arrives, they come back and say we were always on your side. Don’t they know that I know what is in the hearts of mankind? It is Me that they should fear.

(29:11) I will definitely separate the hypocrite from the sincere.

(29:12) Some of those who reject my message said, “Follow us and if we are wrong we will take from you the responsibility.” They are liars, and on the Day of Judgment no one will remove anyone else’s liability.

(29:13) But, I swear they will carry the weight of their own sins plus sins equal to those who follow them. On the day of resurrection, they will be asked about their lies and fabrications.

(29:14) Remember, I sent Noah to his people and they persisted in oppressing and rejecting for 950 years when the flood came with their destruction.

(29:15) I saved him and those who got on the ship with him and made their story an example for future generations.

(29:16) And I sent Abraham to his people saying, “Worship and obey God and be fearful of disobeying.  That is better for you, if only you understood.

(29:17) There is the one true God but you turn to lies instead. They are idols that you crafted and made. They do not have the power to benefit you in any way. Look to God to give you this life’s blessings. Turn to Him worshiping, obeying and thanking. Remember, it is to Him that you will be returning.

(29:18) If you reject this message and say that I am lying, well God’s messengers have been rejected before by plenty of people whom you will be joining. My job is to clearly deliver this message and warning.

(29:19) Disappointed he said, “Why don’t they see how God begins new life again and again repeatedly? For God, bringing them back for the Day of Judgment is easy.”

(29:20) Oh Abraham, I said, tell them, “Go traveling, thinking, and looking to see life’s beginning. On the Day of Resurrection, God will create you again because He can do anything.

(29:21) He punishes whom He wants to and is merciful with whom He wanted to. It is to God alone that you will be returning to.

(29:22) You will not overcome His power in the earth or sky. No one can support you or protect you from His punishment no matter how hard they try.

(29:23) Those who reject God’s evidence in revelation and creation and deny returning to Him on the Day of Resurrection, they will give up on His mercy as they are punished in Hell for eternity.”

(29:24) The only response from his people was, “Kill him, or burn him.” Then from their fire I saved him. In this is a lesson for people who turn to Me with humility and believe sincerely.

(29:25) Then Abraham said, “Instead of God, you turned to idols to strengthen the ties of love and friendship between you. On the Day of Judgment, you will turn on each other and your friends will curse and reject you. All will go to Hell and no one will save you.”

(29:26) Then only his nephew Lot believed, and Abraham said, “I am leaving this land to go where my Lord commands. God has power over all things, so I travel with His protection, and God knows what is best for me, so I travel on His direction.”

(29:27) And so I gave him Isaac and Jacob, and chose from his descendants messengers to receive My revelation. I rewarded him in this life, and he will be with the best people on the Day of Resurrection.

(29:28) Then Lot said to his people, “You have reached a disgusting new low for humanity.

(29:29) Your men commit sodomy, you molest travelers and commit highway robbery, and you do disgusting and evil things in your gatherings openly.” The only response from his people was, “Bring God’s punishment if you are speaking truthfully.”

(29:30) He said, “Oh God, they are spreading evil in the land, so give me victory.”

(29:31) When my angels came to Abraham to give him the good news that I was blessing him with children from my mercy, they said, “Lot’s people are oppressive and sinful consistently. So, God sent us to destroy them completely.”

(29:32) He said, “With Lot living there, how could you destroy the city?” They said, “We know who is there, and we will save him and his family. Only his wife will be left behind to face God’s punishment with the people of the city.”

(29:33) Then when the angels came to Lot in the form of handsome men, he became very afraid for them. He became upset and depressed because he couldn’t protect them. They said, “Do not be sad or fearful. We were sent to save you and your family except for your wife who sided with evil.

(29:34) We were sent by God to rain destruction on these people for their disobedient sinning.”

(29:35) Thus I destroyed the city, and left some remains for those who think as a lesson and warning.

(29:36) From the city of Madian, I chose Shu’aib to started calling, “Oh my people, obey and worship God, prepare for the Day of Judgment, and do not spread evil and corruption.”

(29:37) They called him a liar and responded to his calls with rejection. So I hit them with a mighty earthquake which brought them to their knees, and left their homes containing nothing but death and destruction.

(29:38) Remember Aad, and Thamud. From the remains of their cities you can tell what happened to them. Even though they were intelligent and smart, the devil made their sins appear good to them. So he succeeded in blocking them from accepting My true religion.

(29:39-40) Remember Qaroon, and the story of Pharaoh and Haman. Moses came to them with clear evidence but they responded with rejection and arrogance in the land. Each was punished for what they did, and none were able to escape my command. I punished some people with stones from the sky, and some were stricken by the sound of a single cry. Some were swallowed by the earth, and some drowned as their horrible way to die. I was not unjust to them, but they were unjust to Me for their commitment to sinning and rejecting my message arrogantly.

(29:41) Those who build a web of support with others thinking they are protected from Me, are like a spider taking its web as a house for protection and safety. The flimsiest house is the spider’s house; If they only knew, I can destroy them easily.

(29:42) So say to them, “God knows the truth that whoever you call upon for support besides Him can do nothing. It is God alone who is all powerful and knows everything.”

(29:43) I give examples like this to people but only those who think and learn will understand their full meaning.

(29:44) Those who believe can see that I created everything in the heavens and the earth purposefully.

(29:45) So recite what I have revealed to you from my book and pray consistently and sincerely. Prayer will protect and prevent you from falling into ugly temptations and disobeying Me. Most importantly, you must regularly remember and think of Me. Do so and I will take good care of you. Remember I know everything you do.

(29:46) Except for those who fight you, do not argue with those who have received a prior message from Me except with better arguments politely. Say to them, “We believe in what God has sent to us, and what God sent to you originally. Our God and your God is one and the same, and we submit to Him sincerely.”

(29:47) Oh Muhammad, “I revealed this Quran to you just as I sent revelation to messengers previously. Those whom I gave true understanding of prior revelation will believe it. Some of the Arabs around you and those who are like them will also accept it. Those who deny and reject it, know in their hearts that I sent it. 

(29:48) You were not reading books or writing before it. If you had, those who reject the Quran would have an excuse to doubt it.

(29:49) Rather, this is a clear book of guidance carried in the hearts of those who understand it, and only the oppressive and unjust deny and reject it.”

(29:50) They say, “If only his God would send him miracles, then we would accept it.” Say, “It is God who decides if and when He sends miracles. My job is just to deliver this clear warning to you.”

(29:51) Isn’t it enough for them that I sent this book to you? This book, which you recite to them, is mercy and guidance to those who believe and follow you.

(29:52) Say to them, “God is enough of a witness between me and you. God knows everything in the heavens and the earth and everything you do. Those who believe in falsehood and reject God’s guidance will be the losers no matter what they do.”

(29:53) They ask you to hurry up with their punishment. I have fixed the time for their judgment. Otherwise, I would have already destroyed them. But I swear a time is coming when they will be hit all of a sudden without prior warning.

(29:54) They want you to hurry up with their punishment. Tell them, “Those who reject God’s message will be surrounded by Hell on the Day of Judgment.

(29:55) On that day the punishment will overcome them. It will be above and below them. Then God will say ‘taste the bitter fruits of your actions today.’”

(29:56) Oh my people who believe sincerely, the wide expanse of earth is mine so go where you can worship and obey Me freely.

(29:57) Don’t be afraid, and remember that every person will taste death and then return to Me.

(29:58) Those who believe and do good deeds, I swear I will make a home in Heaven their final destination.  They will have rooms with clear floors and beautiful rivers flowing under them. They will get the best reward and stay in peace and happiness forever for their humble submission.

(29:59) They put their trust in Me and struggled patiently with life’s hardships and distractions.

(29:60) How many animals do not carry what they need to eat and drink with them? I provide you with your needs just as I provide for all life in creation. If you need something call upon Me because I hear everything and know what, for you, is the best provision.

(29:61) If you ask them who created the heavens and the earth, and compels the sun and moon to follow their orbits? “It is God,” they will say. So how can they then turn to false gods and idols to worship and obey?

(29:62) I expand what I give to some and know if they are thankful, and I decrease what I give to others and know if they are patient and humble.  

(29:63) If you ask them who releases from the sky rain to bring life to the dead earth, “It is God” they admit truthfully. Tell them, “Then you should praise and thank God only.” But most will not understand and persist with their false gods and idols stubbornly.

(29:64) They focus on this life of entertainment and games which is temporary, when the next life is the real life that will last for eternity. If they understood this, they would overcome temptation and make sacrifices to build their permanent home in Heaven.

(29:65) But if they are put in a life threatening situation, a boat caught in a storm in the middle of the ocean, they turn only to Me and pray sincerely. Then if I save them and deliver them back to land safely, they go back to their old ways of worshiping and obeying others besides Me.

(29:66) They do this so they can reject the obligations I have placed upon them, and so they can follow their desires and temptations. Tell them: Go ahead and reject God’s guidance. Do what you want and you will see what happens.

(29:67) Oh Muhammad, don’t they see that people are being picked off from the Arab tribes around them fighting regularly, and I made Makkah a place of safety and a religious sanctuary? So how can they continue to worship false idols and reject this message I sent them from my mercy?

(29:68) Is there anyone more unjust and evil than the person who invents lies and attributes them to Me? or the person who rejects the truth when it is presented to them clearly? Don’t they deserve to reside in Hell for eternity?

(29:69) But, those who struggle and sacrifice for Me, I will guide them down the path to be with Me. I am with the good people who believe and do good deeds, protecting them, guiding them, and rewarding them indefinitely. 


Verse 1: This chapter, like a few other chapters of the Quran, begins with a series of flowing Arabic letters. Many interpretations have been given for these letters. Some early Quran scholars interpreted these letters as abbreviations. Some interpreted them to mean that God was swearing by the letters of the Arabic alphabet to show their importance for writing and their basis for forming the Quran. Others refrained from interpreting them and said only God knows the meaning. So it is as if the letters are saying “This book is from God and only God knows all of its secrets. The simplest explanation is that the Quran was revealed in the language of the Arabs fourteen hundred years ago. While they frequently had poetry competitions, it was unknown in their literature to start something with flowing individual letters like this. To them, listening to the flowing individual letters would have had the effect of attracting their attention to something new they had never heard before. So it was a beautiful way of saying “pay attention and listen to what is coming next.” For this chapter, the first verse was merged into the second because it is not possible to replicate every aspect of the Quran reading experience in English.   

Verses 38-40: The tribe of Thamud was a major tribe and ancient civilization that lived several hundred miles to the North of Makkah. The civilization was destroyed, leaving behind their homes and buildings which they had carved into the side of mountains. Their vacant remains can still be visited today.

Aad was a famous ancient tribe from the people of Iram. The tribe of Aad lived several hundred miles to the south east of Makkah in a land of sand dunes. They were a major power in their area and they worshiped idols. They rejected the messenger God sent them, and so they were destroyed. All that is left of them is the remains of some of their buildings.

Haman is mentioned in the Quran in connection with the story of Moses as an advisor and chief builder for Pharaoh. (20:28). Qaroon was from the family of Moses and he was one of the wealthiest people of the time. Because of his wealth, he became arrogant and disobedient which ultimately lead to his destruction. (28:76-82).

Verse 41: The web of a spider is strong and useful against other bugs. However, it offers no protection to the spider from humans who simply brush it away effortlessly. Similarly, humans who reject God make webs of support that are strong against other people, but God can destroy them and their support system effortlessly. 

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