72-The Jinn / Al-Jinn:

In God’s Name, whose Mercy is Great and Continuous:

(72:1)   Say Oh Muhammad: It has been revealed to me that a group of spirits heard me reciting. Then they went to their friends saying, “We have just heard something amazing: The Quran

(72:2)   which guides to true understanding. So we believed it and only God will we be worshiping.

(72:3)   Our Lord is high and powerful with no wife or children.

(72:4)   And the pathetic among us used to say against God terrible fabrications.

(72:5)   We used to think that no one would dare do so out of fear of God’s retribution. So we believed and followed them until we heard this pure revelation.

(72:6)   And some people used to call on spirits for protection, but they led them to sin and increased their trepidation.

(72:7)   They thought like some of you thought, that from death God would not bring back anyone.

(72:8)   And when we went up to the heavens to listen for news of what was coming, we found it filled with strong guards aiming comets that were flaming.

(72:9)   We used to have places we could sit and listen, but now whoever tries finds a blazing comet waiting to kill him.

(72:10) And we didn’t know if this was a sign that God was rendering for people a sentence or sending guidance.

(72:11) Some of us were good and some were committed to doing bad deeds. We were divided into groups following different religions and creeds.

(72:12) We knew that we could not stop God from sending guidance or run from His punishment.

(72:13) So when we heard the guidance we believed it. Whoever believes in God is not afraid of hardship or unjust treatment.

(72:14) Some of us submitted and some of us didn’t. Whoever submits follows true guidance, and

(72:15) those who turn away will be fuel for Hell, what an awful punishment.”

(72:16) Oh Muhammad, if they stay on the straight path, I will send them many blessings

(72:17) as a test to see who is thankful and who is ungrateful. Whoever is ungrateful and turns away from Me, will be lead down a path to a hard penalty. 

(72:18) And the places of worship are mine, so pray and call to Me only.

(72:19) Oh Muhammad, when you stood up reciting, the spirits gathered around you piling on top of each other listening and learning.

(72:20) Oh Muhammad say: I only call upon my Lord and I do not call upon anyone other than Him.

(72:21) Say: I myself lack any power to harm or guide you; all power belongs to Him.

(72:22) Say: No one can protect me from God if I earn His punishment, and I do not find anyone to turn to other than Him.

(72:23) My only protection and all I can do for you is convey this message coming from Him. Those who choose to disobey God and His messenger will be in Hell forever.

(72:24) When you see it, you will know who had the weaker helper and whose side is really fewer in number.

(72:25) Say: I don’t know if what you are being promised is coming sooner or later.

(72:26) That is part of the knowledge of the unseen which no one knows except Him and

(72:27) those who are selected to be a messenger. Then guards are placed in front and behind them,

(72:28) so that it is known that they delivered the message of their Lord completely. God has power over everything and knows every detail of what has happened and will happen specifically.

Chapter Notes:
God created the race of mankind from dirt, the race of angels from light and a third race of spirits, called Jinn, from a ‘smokeless fire’ or energy. Many of the Jinn are devils that actively seek to turn people away from God. Jinn have the capacity to fly up to the end of the universe to hear from the higher heavens news of what is coming in the future. They then get bits of true information and give it to fortune tellers to misguide them and those who follow them. In addition, people have from time to time called on Jinn for help and assistance instead of God. The devils who respond use it as an opportunity to lead people further into sin and misguidance.                                                                            

In this chapter, God informed Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, that a group of Jinn realized something was going to happen because they were being prevented from listening to any knowledge of the future. So they went traveling to see if they could figure out what was happening. In their travels they heard him reciting the Quran. They realized that it was God’s revelation, so they believed it and went to share it with other Jinn.

At the time this chapter was revealed, Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, had been calling people to submit to God for about ten years. His few followers had mostly moved away to escape the religious persecution they faced in Makkah. The people of Makkah wanted to kill him. His wife and uncle, who had been his comfort and support, had recently passed away in part due to the hardship of living through an economic and social boycott. The boycott was imposed by the people of Makkah to try to starve the Muslims into giving up their religion. In his desperation, he tried to go to a neighboring rival city to see if they would accept him living there, and they sent people to stone him out of the city.

The revelation of this chapter of the Quran told him that unseen things were happening, so be patient. Shortly thereafter, the people of the city of Madina converted, and the tide of history began to turn. Also, this chapter is saying that if a group of devils recognized the truth of the Quran and submitted to God, then what excuse is there for anyone else.
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